The Glories Of Mary?

I just finished listening to a lecture by John MacArthur entitled “Exposing The Idolatry Of Mary Worship” in the series “Explaining The Heresies Of Catholicism.” During the lecture John MacArthur introduces his audience to a massive tome of blaspheme and maryolatry entitled “The Glories of Mary” by St. Alphonsus de Liguori – Doctor of the Church. This library of idolatry comes complete with nihil obstat and and imprimatur of the RCC. Here are a few samples from just the first few paragraphs of chapter one. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Each of her prayers is, as it were, an established law for our Lord, that he should show mercy to all for whom she intercedes.”

“No sooner had Mary,” says St. Bernardine of Sienna, “consented to be Mother of the Eternal Word, than she merited by this consent to be made Queen of the world and of all creatures.”

“Since the flesh of Mary,” remarks the Abbot Arnold of Chartres, “was not different from that of Jesus, how can the royal dignity of the Son be denied to the Mother?”

“Hence we must consider the glory of the Son, not only as being common to his Mother, but as one with her”

And if Jesus is the King of the universe, Mary is also its Queen. “And as Queen,” says the Abbot Rupert, “she possesses, by right, the whole kingdom of her Son”

Hence St. Bernardine of Sienna concludes that “as many creatures as there are who serve God, so many they are who serve Mary: for as angels and men, and all things that are in heaven and on earth, are subject to the empire of God, so are they also under the dominion of Mary!”

The Abbot Guerricus, addressing himself to the divine Mother on this subject, says: “Continue, Mary, continue to dispose with confidence of the riches of thy Son; act as Queen, Mother and Spouse of the King: for to thee belongs dominion and power over all creatures!”

Kings should, then, occupy themselves principally in works of mercy, but not so as to forget the just punishments that are to be inflicted on the guilty. It is, however, not thus with Mary, who, although a Queen, is not a queen of justice, intent on the punishment of the wicked, but a queen of mercy, intent only on commiserating and pardoning sinners. And this is the reason for which the Church requires that we should expressly call her “the Queen of Mercy.”

The great Chancellor of Paris, John Gerson, in his commentary on the words of David, These two things have I heard, that power belongeth to God, and mercy to thee, O Lord (“Duo haec audivi; quia potestas Dei est, et tibi, Domine, misericordia.”—Ps. lxi. 12), says that the kingdom of God, consisting in justice and mercy, was divided by our Lord: the kingdom of justice he reserved for himself, and that of mercy he yielded to Mary, ordaining at the same time that all mercies that are dispensed to men should pass through the hands of Mary, and be disposed of by her at will.

This is confirmed by St. Thomas, in his preface to the Canonical Epistles, saying, “that when the Blessed Virgin conceived the Eternal Word in her womb, and brought him forth, she obtained half the kingdom of God; so that she is Queen of Mercy, as Jesus is King of Justice”


4 Responses to “The Glories Of Mary?”

  1. From my husband’s blog on the topic …

    This is from my blog …

    We were born again over 20 years ago, yet most of our families remain Roman Catholic even though they received Bibles and a clear witness from us. So many in today’s “church” accept Roman Catholics as brethren thereby robbing the Catholic of a much needed gospel witness.


  2. Cathy,

    Thanks for the links. I will certainly take a look.

    You’re absolutely right. Allowing a RC to believe that they’re brethren is to leave them in darkness. Sadly, I don’t believe that most Roman Catholics realize the extent of their faith’s idolatry. Most might even be shocked to read some of the statements found in Alphonsus de Liguori’s book.

    Thanks for stopping by and posting.

  3. There are times that i dont read more than two lines but i honestly enjoyed what i read. Grats !

  4. Hi Nadene,

    Thanks for your interest. It’s very much appreciated.

    I’m sorry that your post didn’t appear immediately as it should have. It ended up in my spam folder.

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